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Collectively we’ve been refinishing or repurposing furniture and accessories for 26 years.  Long before the recession of 2008, we were antiquing and picking at auctions, yard sales and thrift stores.  Out of necessity, nesting has had to be frugal for us gals.

We’ve had fun with many techniques including wood stripping & refinishing, sponge-painting, glazing, crackling, antiquing, white-washing, grain-painting……the list goes on.

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We’ve played with milk paint and texture paints and even had fun with the old standby–spray paint.  When chalk paint came on the scene in the States in 2010, we were curious to understand all of the virtues of “the every girl’s paint.”  It’s come to be one of our favorite mediums by far.

So whether you’re looking for a polished, Pottery Barn® look or something a little more vintage and distressed, we are your girls for the job!  We love the fact that every finished piece is completely unique.  This means our job is never boring.  We are happy to give your old pieces new life!  Click for more peeks at recent work……

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If you have a functional furniture void, we can locate and refurbish the right piece for you.  All we need from you are style choices, dimension requirements, and budget desires and we’ll take care of the rest!

We’ve come to realize that formal training is not necessarily the key to unabashed creativity.  We revel in the whimsy while always keeping functionality at the forefront.  Sometimes a functional need requires a marriage of two or more individual pieces.  But nothing gets the creative juices flowing more than finding just the right fit for the lowest possible price.


Having managed many offices administratively, Emily has become an organization guru.  (Her mom will say she’s been instinctively organizing since she was a toddler, but we’ll leave those stories for another time.)  One of Emily’s strong suits is to go into a home or office and create function-friendly organizational systems that can be maintained easily once she’s gone.  Emily explains, “Everyone has different needs and motivations when it comes to maintaining any semblance of organization.  You have to understand what comes naturally to someone before you can attempt to help them get organized.”  Call her today to discuss any organizational needs!


We LOVE referrals!  Word of mouth is the best advertising out there, and we are happy to incentivize our customers to send new business our way.  Contact us to understand how our referral program works!

“Emily TRANSFORMED my house.”

God sent Emily to help me in the moments I needed Him the most. I remember sitting in my house crying, wondering whether I should be on a hoarders show…..maybe not quite hoarders, but bad enough that my now husband was horrified when he was dating me. Emily came in and quickly helped me have hope about my house.
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Meet the dynamic duo:  Tracy & Emily.  We are the faces behind Bee Happy Wares & Whimsies, and we never take ourselves too seriously!  Tracy is a daughter, mother & sister whose roots were established within a talented family who inspired the art of making a house a home. After devoting 11 years to the hospitality field, she began to follow the creative path her heart has always desired.  Emily is a wife, daughter & aunt who spent many years in middle management in various sectors of the corporate world, and now loves being her own boss and flexing her creative muscles.  We are a fun-loving, sister-forged duo ready to refurbish, repurpose or reupholster any find!

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